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Preston Diamond Preston Diamond , 3/11/2014
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 Our competitors do more for us than our friends. Our friends are too polite to point out our weaknesses, but our competitors spend a lot of effort to advertise them boldly. Our competitors are attentive, hard-working, and would take our business away from us if they could.
They keep us alert. They inspire us to improve our services and client value. If we had no competitors, we would be less efficient and inattentive.
We need use the discipline they force upon us. We salute our competitors. They’re good for us. God bless them all.
Do you truly know your fiercest competitors? Have you called them for a quote?  Have you ever called your own agency as a “mystery shopper” to ask for a Personal or Commercial quote?
Research is easy today. What research are you conducting on your competitors?
When you personally lose a high-payoff client, does someone from your agency survey the defector?
When your producer loses a client, do you, as an agency principal, call the lost client to find out what went wrong? 
When you know that a non-owner producer for a competitive agency did a terrific job of 
“pirating” one of yours client legally and ethically, maybe it's time to invite this producer for lunch. You might be able to pirate him or her from your competitor!
If you’re wooing quality prospects without letting them know you want to create a long-term relationship, you might well lose them.  The same thing goes for your clients: on your next visit, let them know that know you cherish your relationship and want it to be long term. Build a plan 
with benchmarks to show that you’re committed to turning your promises into performance – and then follow up.
A parting thought: Your best clients might well be your fiercest competitor's best prospect. Be careful out there!