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Preston Diamond Preston Diamond , 3/18/2014
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Is your presentation so deadly dull that your buyer needs NoDoz to stay awake? With today's technology, presenting without graphics, color, and "plainspeak” means that you’ll drown in the sea of same old-same old. 

That's OK if you want to sell on price. I know an agent who wrote a book How to Sell on Price.
It ended in Chapter 11. 

Buyers today have more ways to buy what we sell, and are more knowledgeable than ever. 
There’s far less loyalty 

Buyers have experience being buyers. To cut through the noise, you’ll need to disrupt their status quo.  Because we all sell the same product (at least our clients think so), it's your job to show them differently. Don't let the sale be product driven – it must be driven by you and your agency through your presentation.  This is a five-part process:

1. Create insurance understanding so that the buyer sells herself.  If she doesn’t understand, she misunderstands –which means that she’ll focus on price. 

2, Prove that you’re not a copycat agency; crush your competition.

Command the buyer’s complete attention by tying coverage to images, stories, and testimonials that trigger her mind and imagination.  For emphasis, remain standing during your presentation and use a flip chart.

Work with the buyer to find her problems – and solve them.

Make the sale.

Go for it!