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Preston Diamond Preston Diamond , 4/21/2014
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Sales 101 teaches that people buy on emotion and then justify their decision with logic. Yet, I would probably win a bet with you that most of your presentation is logic driven. 

Today is a good day to eliminate "logic" as the foundation of your presentation. 

Touch your prospects’ hearts, and their minds will follow – moving you closer to the sale. Here are a few examples of how to trigger prospects; emotional buttons:

  • Lurking Liability

"Sam, our job is to work with our clients to keep attorneys from discovering and exploiting ‘lurking liability’ in their businesses. For example, when our client, Sam Spade, owner of Sam's chain of Mystery Restaurants faced a nasty liability lawsuit, here’s how we worked with him and his team to protect his assets.” (Describe what you did and the result). We can do the same for you.


“Harry, no business owner wants a CLOSED sign over their door. 

“When you get a call at 4:20 in the morning, telling you that your building is on fire, one of the first persons you’d want to contact is your insurance agent.  We can work with you, your CPA, and attorney to do an appraisal of the value of your building and its contents, potential loss of income, and so forth, so that your insurance company can write a check that will keep your business in business. Our job is to keep CLOSED from happening to you.”

  • Your check or the insurance company's check? 

"Sam, what would happen if your driver loses control of a loaded truck that jumps the curb into a building and injures four people? You and I would want to make sure that your insurance company, rather than you, picks up the tab for attorney fees, hospital and medical provider bills for the victims, contractors who repair the building, lost income for the building’s tenants – and possibly more.

“Above all, you and I want to make sure that attorneys can't get at your personal assets and any of your business assets in a liability lawsuit. Let's meet with your in-house and outside financial team to play some "what ifs." Make sense? 

  • Swiss Cheese 

“Harry, just like Swiss cheese, (bring cheese and crackers to snack on as you go through this presentation) insurance has holes in it. When you or your business suffers an accident or disaster, you need to know what your insurance company will – and won’t – cover. Let’s take a few minutes to identify any potential gaps in your current coverage and see how we can close them. Does this work for you? (Sell by exclusion, rather than inclusion). “

The idea is to stop focusing on coverage and amounts (which will be the ultimate result).

Encourage prospects to give you complete information on their business, provide access to their financial records, put you at the top of the list when they make changes to their operations, and introduce you to their other trusted advisers (by the way, working with these advisers will help you garner effective introductions to new prospects – their clients).

Remember, your primary goal is to make sure that the insurance companies write their checks for the amounts that your clients expect them to write!