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Industrial heating, ventilation and air-conditioning systems

Eimile Kerrigan Eimile Kerrigan , 2/12/2018
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In order to adhere to legal obligations and to meet all the health and safety norms that are laid down by the ISO and similar organisations, many organisations opt to install industrial ventilation systems.

Having fresh and ventilated air in an industrial environment is imperative, and the benefits of industrial ventilation systems are vast. They capture any dust, smoke, vapour, and other contaminants, that are harmful to employees. All industrial facilities must take into account both the internal and external environment, air regulation policies, the quality and overall health benefits to employees. Industrial ventilation systems provide comprehensive solutions to each of these issues.

It is covered under the Workplace (Health, Safety and Welfare) Regulations 1992, which essentially states that by law workplaces need to be adequately ventilated in the proper manner. This means that clean air needs to be drawn from an external source outside of the workplace and circulated around the building. Ventilation Systems are a key part of any industrial building.

As well as providing sufficient fresh air to breathe, the regulations also require that a workplace has ventilation to successfully remove excess heat and maintain the heat levels.


Industrial ventilation will improve the air quality by ridding the environment of pollutants. Not just filtering the air flow, industrial ventilation prevents issues with excess moisture and mould.

All industrial environments and manufacturing facilities are prone to contain a variety of substances that are deemed hazardous. From gases and small inhalable particles to smoke, fumes and vapours, such environments can prove to be dangerous.


Any kind of exposure to these has the potential to lead to a wealth of afflictions such as headaches, eye irritation, chest pains, siderosis, and even cancer.

Industrial ventilation exhaust components are designed with a vacuum that easily captures these substances. For this reason alone, it is absolutely crucial to control hazardous gases, dust's and mists within the building to protect the workforce, as well as the product and the building. Industrial ventilation systems provide a range of solutions to ensure that the internal and external environments are thoroughly protected. If you’re considering whether such ventilation would be beneficial to your environment, yet are undecided, contact Airmatic.