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Alexander J. Wayne & Associates, Inc.

At Alexander J. Wayne & Associates, you can expect fast and dependable service for virtually any risk submitted. It is our goal to provide the responsiveness necessary to quote and bind risks that are unacceptable to your standard insurance markets. We have vast expertise and market access.

Don’t leave business on the vine

Jason A Quaglia Jason A Quaglia , 11/28/2016
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Do Not Leave Business on the Vine...
Be Sure to offer Professional Liability on Commercial Risks
Cyber Liability
•  Breaches of Personally
•  Identifiable Information
•  Notification, Remediation,
•  First & Third Party
•  Minimum Premium $795
•  *Quote in 15 min*
Errors and Omissions:
•  Any Firm which provides a
•  Professional Service
•  Excluded from General Liability
•  Policies
•  Minimum Premium $500 for
•  Miscellaneous
Employment Practices Liability:
•  Firms who have more than
•  One Employee
•  Third Party, and Immigration
•  Defense
•  Minimum Premium 1,200
•  *Quote in 15 Min*
Add PROFESSIONAL LIABILITY to Your Existing Commercial Policies,
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