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Alexander J. Wayne & Associates, Inc.

At Alexander J. Wayne & Associates, you can expect fast and dependable service for virtually any risk submitted. It is our goal to provide the responsiveness necessary to quote and bind risks that are unacceptable to your standard insurance markets. We have vast expertise and market access.

Professional Liability, untapped revenue

Jason Quaglia Jason Quaglia , 2/21/2017
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2551 N. Clark • Suite 601 • Chicago, IL 60614 • 773. 328. 1254 • [email protected]
Need A Quick turnaround on Professional Liability?
Jason A Quaglia
Wholesale Broker
Specializing In
Professional Liability
Phone: 773.328.1254
[email protected]
Jason can turn quotes around from 15 Min to 24 Hours depending on the class of business. He writes E&O, D&O, EPLI, CYBER.
Is increasing competition forcing you to shop renewals in order to Protect your book?
Send over the renewal application and not only will Jason attempt to save the insured $ in renewal premium but is also generous with Commission Passed.
Do you not feel comfortable discussing Cyber Liability?
Jason A Quaglia has focused on Cyber Liability since joining the Professional Liability Market, and is well versed on the coverages, markets, pricing and is able to present in a way easy for you to repeat to your clients, or he is always willing to jump on a conference call if need be.
Do you find yourself spending too much time learning new Coverages you rarely see?
Leave it up to Jason your wholesale Broker, he sees the same classes of business day in and day out, rely on his specialization so you can do more of where the money is really at, producing.
Classes that are Hot in Professional Liability which we specialize:
Real Estate Agents E&O, Long Term Care Facilities, Product Liability, Non-Profit D&O, Accounts With Claims, Accounts Non-Renewed.
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