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Born online, forged from technology. Founded in 2007, BindDesk is a wholesale insurance brokerage serving the various needs of retail insurance brokers. Independently owned, we take pride in our niche markets and hustling attitude that ultimately serve our clients well. A rational group, we know we're not the market for everything, so we don't ask you to send us everything. We'll keep you apprised of what we KNOW we're good at so that when you come to us we're likely to write business. You'll know when to think about us.

Online Rating in Minutes: Paper Contractors and Framers

Greg Liewald Greg Liewald , 8/17/2016
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Paper GC's & Framers Rated Online in Minutes!
We make online rating for your
tough-to-place contractors a breeze!
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Our program is available through
an 'A' rated carrier in 33 states.
Program Details
•  Payroll-based
•  Non-admitted
•  No limit on custom homes
•  All additional insureds included
•  Minimum premiums starting at $500
•  ISO Form with GL limits up to $1M/$2M
•  Uninsured sub coverage easily added via payroll
•  Paper GC's
•  Landscaping
Includes OTC pesticide coverage
•  New condo and tract construction
Up to 25 units
•  Solar panel installation
Residential and commercial
•  HOA work
No unit or class restrictions for remodeling
•  Framers, excavation, grading, glaziers, janitorial, handyman, plumbing
•  Click here for a complete list of over 65 available class codes
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