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Born online, forged from technology. Founded in 2007, BindDesk is a wholesale insurance brokerage serving the various needs of retail insurance brokers. Independently owned, we take pride in our niche markets and hustling attitude that ultimately serve our clients well. A rational group, we know we're not the market for everything, so we don't ask you to send us everything. We'll keep you apprised of what we KNOW we're good at so that when you come to us we're likely to write business. You'll know when to think about us.

Paper GC's Rated in Seconds

Greg Liewald Greg Liewald , 6/30/2017
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You've come to the right place!

Looking for a high sub-out market for both General Contractors (GC's) and Artisans nationwide? Yeah, we've got that!

Program Highlights

Online Rated
Same Day Binds!
MP $750 for General Contractors
MP $1,250 for General Contractors - New Construction
Roofers, Framers, Excavators, Graders
MP $750 for Framers
100% Sub-out on GC's and ALL Artisan Classes
No Square Footage Limitations
AI Packages Available
Tract work acceptable

Note: Offerings may vary per state and are subject to additional taxes & fees
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