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What happens if I get in a car accident that was cause by an uninsured driver?
Cadence Insurance, TX, Auto InsuranceQ.  What happens if I get in a car accident that was cause by an uninsured driver? A.  The good news is that the accident won't be counted against you.  The bad news is that you have no idea if the other driver will be able to compensate you for any injuries and/or damage that you and your car may have sustained.  Chances are, if the other driver doesn't have insurance, that driver won't have the means to compensate you either.  You will be stuck paying it off or pay extra money dragging it through the legal system, which could be more expensive than just paying the costs yourself. One way to counter these kinds of scenarios is to enough coverage that will cover you in the case of uninsured motorists. Give us a call today for a policy review to make sure you are fully covered. Original content by Transformer Marketing.

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