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Is your home covered for a hurricane?

William Moraw William Moraw , 5/29/2014
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Cadence Insurance, TX, Hurricane InsuranceHurricanes can cause serious damage to both your home and your personal property. You may assume that your homeowners insurance policy provides you all the protection you need. Unfortunately, this may not be the case. There are a few areas of your policy that you should look at carefully. Damage to Your Home and Belongings Your policy should cover you for damage to your roof or your siding. The extremely high winds produced during the hurricane season can wreck havoc even if you are not in the direct path of the storm. Besides knowing the amount of coverage you have if your home is destroyed, you need to be aware of the deductible that applies to general damages. Many homeowners keep a high deductible on their insurance to keep the premium payments low. While this is not a bad idea, you need to consider your current financial situation. Can you afford to pay the first 1% or 2% of your dwelling amount? You also need to look at the additional damages that can occur. If a portion of your roof is torn off, the interior of your home and your possessions can be destroyed. Make sure you understand how much coverage you have for your belongings and how the amount is determined. A homeowners policy may provide a actual cash value for your belongings, this is the current value, not necessarily what it would cost to replace your items. You may need to consider a replacement value policy. This type will provide you with the means to replace what you lose even if the costs have increased. Floods and Mudslides Flooding is not covered under a regular policy. The hurricane may not be what damages your home; the resulting flood could be the reason for your loss. If you are at any risk of flooding, purchase a flood insurance policy. Mudslides or landslides can be created by the torrential rains of a hurricane. These events may not be covered by your current insurance. Make sure you understand what you are protected against. In some cases, umbrella policies are an excellent choice to give you the full financial protection you need. Content provided by Transformer Marketing Sources: