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Flood Preparation and Safety Tips

William Moraw William Moraw , 6/3/2014
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Cadence Insurance, TX, Flood InsuranceThe potential for a flood is one situation that that must be faced during the hurricane season. Torrential rains can create flash floods, storm surges and overflow riverbeds. Low-lying areas do not have the ability to release the excess water quickly. If you are facing a possible flood, there are preparation steps you can take to limit the damage. Protect Your Belongings In many cases, you can protect your belongings by moving them to a higher area in your home. Use sturdy plastic bags that can be sealed to keep water away from fabrics and paper materials. recommends only keeping copies of important documents in your home. Store the originals in a secure location away from your home. Protect Yourself and Your Family Flood safety also includes evacuating if ordered to do so. You really cannot do more to protect your home by staying in a dangerous situation. Do what you can and then find safe shelter for your family. Keep an evacuation kit ready for each member of your family and include your pets if you have any. Do not walk or drive through any flooded areas. You may not be able to really determine the depth of the water or the speed of the flow. Even six inches of moving water can knock an adult off balance. It does not take a much higher level of water to sweep away a vehicle. Clean up Quickly As soon as you are safely able to return to your home, you should begin the clean up process. All standing water must be eliminated as quickly as possible. However, your personal safety is still the most important consideration. Do not enter any area that may be unsafe. If flooring may be weakened, get it inspected first. Stay away from any floodwater that may contain sewage. For the best results, hire a licensed professional for clean up to ensure that mold does not develop. Remember that flooding is not covered under a regular homeowners insurance policy. If you live in an area with any potential for a flood, do consider obtaining flood insurance to protect your home and your belongings. Content provided by Transformer Marketing Sources: