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What you need to know to get ready for hurricane season

William Moraw William Moraw , 6/12/2014
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Cadence Insurance, TX, Hurricane PrepHurricane season presents many risks and the danger extends to more areas than many people think. Hurricane Ike's power was felt as far inland as Ohio so residents of Texas should be prepared, even if they are far from the coast. Much of protecting your home and family comes from being knowledgeable and following basic preparation steps. Evacuation Tips If you are ordered to evacuate, do so. You should also leave the area as quickly as possible. The longer you delay, the more risks you take. Staying behind in an evacuation zone hinders the work of relief efforts. Have small backpacks or kits ready for each family member. Even one change of clothing and an extra pair of shoes can go a long way towards your comfort. Prescription medications can be added at the last minute. Have some cash and copies of any documents you may need. Keep your important papers in a safe location, away from potential wind or flood damage. Take steps to move valuable to a higher location in your home or protect them in water-resistant containers. Have plywood or other materials necessary to board up your windows. When you do leave, you can mark the plywood letting any rescue workers know that you have evacuated. Riding out the Storm If you are in a safe location and choose to remain in your home, you can still take preparation steps. Board or otherwise cover your windows. Keep a stock of food and medical supplies ready at all times. Rotate your stock to keep items fresh. Having to run out to shop right before a storm hits is not proper preparation. During the storm, stay away from windows. A location in the interior of your home is the best choice. You may want to unplug electrical devices to avoid power surges. Even if you have surge protectors, taking the extra step will not hurt. Before you become involved in preparation for hurricanes, make sure your homeowners insurance is up to date. Check to make sure you have the right amount of coverage for the current value of your home. If you do not have a separate flood insurance policy, seriously consider purchasing one. Your regular insurance will not cover flood damage. Content provided by Transformer Marketing.