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Do you live in a flood zone?

William Moraw William Moraw , 6/24/2014
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Cadence Insurance, TX, Texas Flood ZoneKnowing whether you live in a flood zone is critical when it comes to protecting your home and family. Guessing or simply assuming that you are safe is not a good decision. There are several sources available that you can use to determine your risk and some of these can provide very detailed results. 1 - Regional information in available through this link. Maps cover Austin, Dallas, Houston, Central Texas and San Antonio. You can also get more detail information from a main map that provides a color indicator of flood danger areas from Dallas through Waco, Temple and Austin down to San Antonio. This area is referred to as Flash Flood Alley. A downloadable, printable poster is available for extra convenience. Additional links provide stream flow information and flash flood zones by sections based on the number of flood events from 1986 through 1999. Up to date data is available for peak stream flows at 2 - Going directly to the website will connect you to a large database of free, downloadable products including Flood Risk Maps (FRMs). These maps will provide you with specific information for your area including potential flood depth levels. Information is also available for areas that are undergoing changes in risk level. Additional Danger Areas The Lower Colorado River area presents dangers when the river overflows banks and basins. Problems also occur along the Rio Grande and Nueces River. Coastal areas are subject to storm surges during hurricanes. Keep in mind that you do not have to pay to access the flood risk maps on FEMA or other government websites. The information is provided at no charge in order to help you stay safe. Texas residents need to realize that coastal areas are not the only sections defined as flood zones. During flood season, many areas are at risk. Your homeowners insurance does protect you from many storm perils; unfortunately, floods are not covered. Check current flood risk areas and make sure you have a flood insurance policy that provides your home and family with the protection you need. Content provided by Transformer Marketing. Sources:,,