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Forms for Claims Settlement

William Moraw William Moraw , 8/21/2014
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The complex and widely diverse nature of inland marine insurance can prove to be challenging to insurance carriers as well as the customers who need it. Because of the nature of this type of insurance, policies can be difficult to navigate. However, filing a claim for loss typically only involves a Property Loss Report that is filed with the insurance company. This form is fairly straightforward, but must be completed accurately to avoid any delays or rejections. The report is obtained from the customer's insurance agency and is usually completed by the insured. There are several types of information that are captured and are vital to accurate processing of the claim.

Member or Insured InformationForm

This captures the insured or contact person's name, phone and other contact information.

Loss Information

The date and time of loss as well as location is captured here. It is important that the person completing the form strives to be as accurate as possible. The type of loss is also noted, whether it was theft, vandalism, fire or something else. The description of loss is vital and should be completed with as much detail as possible. If the property can be repaired that too should be noted on the form.

Property Information

The property that has been lost, damaged or destroyed should be described in detail. This should include a serial number, model number, brand as well as a good physical description. The property owner should be noted as well as the property's value. If an accurate value cannot be obtained (if the property is old or unique to that company) then an estimated value is appropriate.


If the incident involved the police, fire department or other entity and a report was filed that information must be included on the Property Loss Report. It should capture the agency that filed the report, the address and phone number of that office as well as the officer's name. The case number should also be included.


Since the Property Loss Form is filed with the insurance company, the insurance information is usually already present. In the event that it is not, the policy holder's name and contact number as well as the policy information and policy number, must be included. Content provided by Transformer Marketing.