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When your employee is injured

William Moraw William Moraw , 8/26/2014
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When an employee is injured on the job there is a specific protocol that you must follow to report the injury and begin the steps to determine eligibility for worker's compensation. This information will help you navigate the process.WorkersComp The Employer's First Report of Injury or Illness (DWC Form-001)
  1. This form, the DWC Form-001, must be filed with your insurance carrier no later than eight days from the day that your employee cannot work:
    1. More than one day because of an injury sustained on the job
    2. Immediately if the injury is a death or occupational disease
  2. The employee must be given a copy of the DWC Form-001 once it is completed and is filed. The employee should also receive a copy of the Employee's Rights and Responsibilities.
  3. Report the injury to your insurance carrier via that company's specified reporting methods.

Work Status Report (DWC Form-073)

When your employee is injured he or she should be seen by a doctor. When the examination is complete, the doctor will complete a DWC Form-073 and send it to you. This form addresses the work abilities or restrictions of the employee.

OSHA Requirements

When a DWC Form-001 is completed and submitted to your insurance carrier it will fulfill OSHA reporting requirements where applicable. There are some workplace injuries that OSHA does not record. Additionally, there are some industries that are not required to report to OSHA so they are exempt from the record keeping. It is advisable to know before an injury occurs if your business is exempt from OSHA reporting and record keeping. You can contact the OSHCON program to get that information (1-800-687-7080).

Disputing a Claim

If you believe that your employee's injury did not occur at work you should contact your insurance carrier to contest it. If you have any documentation or information to support your belief, present it at that time. If the carrier accepts liability for the claim or continues to accept it they you should file these two forms:
  1. Employer's Contest of Compensability (DWC Form-004)
  2. Request to Schedule, Reschedule or Cancel a Benefit Review Conference (BRC) (DWC Form-045)
There will be a Benefit Review conference at a local TDI-DWC office that you must attend and present any documentation or other evidence. Content provided by Transformer Marketing.