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The Need for Earthquake Insurance

Scott Scott , 10/5/2015
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The need for earthquake insurance has never been greater.   Although consumers are forced to purchase Flood Insurance if they live in a special flood hazard zone, they are not forced to purchase earthquake insurance by their lenders.

In the past, earthquake insurance has mostly only been available from the home insurer sold as an endorsement to the existing policy through the CEA or California Earthquake Authority.  The CEA has done an amazing job of marketing, promoting, and underwriting earthquake insurance in California.

Things have changed recently as more standalone earthquake carriers have come on the market.  Many of these carriers now offer, increased deductibles, better coverage forms, and other considerable options.  However their greatest use has been in creating more competition in the earthquake insurance market.

If you have not received a competitive earthquake insurance bid from your agent from an independent standalone insurance company, I encourage you do so in 2015.  You may be pleasantly surprised.

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