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The purpose of this blog is to help guide those who struggle to find employment in the Insurance and Financial Services industry. Every week I will post blogs to help job seekers through the hiring process. The blog posts will focus on; resume building, what words you should and shouldn't use on resumes, staying active in the job search, how to be successful on CompleteMarkets and get in front of recruiters and employers, providing relevant information regarding employment etc. It is my goal to take you from being a job seeker to an employed insurance professional.

Staying Active

Ashley Fuerstenberg Ashley Fuerstenberg , 4/8/2015
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After you have created or uploaded your resume on your CompleteMarkets user profile, it is crucial that you stay active on CompleteMarkets and in your job search.

 Once your resume is uploaded you will be directed to our Find It page where you will see a list of the categories we have and how many jobs we have matched for you within a 50 mile radius from your zip code. This is to just get you started.

 It is then up to you to decide if you would like to look for jobs further or closer to your home. We have also created filters that we encourage you to use. This gives you a chance to customize your job search and narrow it down to positions that best fit you.

 The search filters were designed to make your job search simple and easy. You have the ability to view:

 The date the job was posted
 Distance
 Experience
 Education
 Skills
  Categories
 Benefits

Each filter will tell you how many jobs are available. Aside from filtering out which job would be best for you, we took it one step further and created a list of Recommended Jobs for you just to make it that much faster. We know it’s tough out there on the job market today, that’s why we encourage you to stay active in your job search.

 Not staying active on your CompleteMarkets account is a sure way to miss a job opportunity. It is very important to log in to your CompleteMarkets account at least once a week, not only keep in touch with recruiters and employers reaching out to you, but to also stay updated on the new jobs added weekly. If you don’t see a job that grabs your attention then check again in a week, we are constantly growing and adding new positions, you don’t want to miss out on any opportunities.