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The purpose of this blog is to help guide those who struggle to find employment in the Insurance and Financial Services industry. Every week I will post blogs to help job seekers through the hiring process. The blog posts will focus on; resume building, what words you should and shouldn't use on resumes, staying active in the job search, how to be successful on CompleteMarkets and get in front of recruiters and employers, providing relevant information regarding employment etc. It is my goal to take you from being a job seeker to an employed insurance professional.

Feeling Stuck in Your Job?

Ashley Fuerstenberg Ashley Fuerstenberg , 4/29/2015
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It is not uncommon to feel like you are in a dead end job, especially if you are not treated like you make a difference in your company.

 According to Deloitte’s Shift Index survey, 80% of employees are unhappy in their jobs. That’s a lot dissatisfied employees! So why is it that employees are unhappy and feel stuck in their jobs? Is it the loss of passion for your career? Do you feel like you are never going to go anywhere in your job no matter how much effort you put into it? Or do you feel that the stress of finding a new job is likely not worth the effort?

 Here are some of the top 5 thoughts and feelings employees have towards their job:

1. You can’t move up
2. You are grossly underpaid
3. You feel resentment
4. Your best skills are not utilized
5. You have threatened to quit time and time again

 If you have had these feelings and thoughts or have lost all passion for your job and are only there because it’s a pay check, then it’s time to consider your options.

 No one wants to stay at a job they are not happy in, but at the same time looking for another job can be intimidating, especially if you are afraid of your current employer finding out. It’s a big step to look for another job. That’s why having a CompleteMarkets account allows you to have control in your customized job search and remain completely confidential.

 We want you to have the job you want! Employees that are happy with their jobs produce the best work for their employers. We are here to help you find a job that will make you happy and a productive employee. We know it’s about your happiness and what you want.