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The purpose of this blog is to help guide those who struggle to find employment in the Insurance and Financial Services industry. Every week I will post blogs to help job seekers through the hiring process. The blog posts will focus on; resume building, what words you should and shouldn't use on resumes, staying active in the job search, how to be successful on CompleteMarkets and get in front of recruiters and employers, providing relevant information regarding employment etc. It is my goal to take you from being a job seeker to an employed insurance professional.

No Shows to Interviews!

Ashley Fuerstenberg Ashley Fuerstenberg , 5/6/2015
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In week six’s blog I briefly talked about candidates not showing to interviews. I continue to see that this is a big issue for recruiters and employers, so I want to dig a little deeper into it, but this time from the employer’s perspective.

When agencies and firms continue to have “no shows” for interviews, it causes frustration. Eventually, it puts hiring on the backburner, which in the long run makes it harder for future candidates to get a job. Not showing up for an interview or even responding back to emails or phone calls begins to put a bad taste in an employer’s mouth when it comes to hiring. What it causes is a very difficult hiring process for any candidates that do show and it raises the standards on getting a job.

Employers and recruiters are willing to invest the time into candidate’s especially smaller agencies. They are willing to work with you to get you placed. All they need is the candidate to show up!

We understand that interviews can be nerve wrecking but they can also be great practice. How great is it that an employer wants to interview you even if you aren’t really looking for another job? Why not show up and see what they have to offer? There are always better opportunities available!

Our recruiters and employers on CompleteMarkets are proactive in reaching out to candidates and setting up interviews. They contact candidates by phone, email or through me, so if you don’t want to miss out on an opportunity, be responsive and show up to the interview.

A lot of the times, it is not listed in the job description what the salary or benefits are but that’s because they base it off of your experience. They will not make their offer until they meet you and see the value you have to offer. 

So what are you waiting for?