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The purpose of this blog is to help guide those who struggle to find employment in the Insurance and Financial Services industry. Every week I will post blogs to help job seekers through the hiring process. The blog posts will focus on; resume building, what words you should and shouldn't use on resumes, staying active in the job search, how to be successful on CompleteMarkets and get in front of recruiters and employers, providing relevant information regarding employment etc. It is my goal to take you from being a job seeker to an employed insurance professional.

Does Social Media Affect Getting a Job?

Ashley Fuerstenberg Ashley Fuerstenberg , 5/27/2015
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I recently read an article by Josh Wolford that talked about the impact social media can have on you getting a job. A recent study showed that over 52% of companies are researching potential candidates; they are checking Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other sites.

If this is the case then you either want to be very careful about what you put on your social media accounts or you would just delete your account, right?  

What is difficult about this is that you can still get passed up for a job if you don’t have a social media account! Wolford reports that 35% of companies say that they would be less likely to hire someone they couldn’t find online.

It seems like you can’t win right? The truth is, companies want to know who they are hiring. Everyone knows that they show the best of themselves in an interview but employers know that too. Employers use social media to see who a candidate is outside of the interview. Candidates have been overlooked by employers due to:

1. Inappropriate photos
2. Evidence of drinking or using drugs
3. Bad mouthing their current or present job, co-workers or even an acquaintance
4. Poor communication

At the same time, if you don’t have a social media account, employers are left to wonder why and either see a red flag and question why or they just pass you over completely.

If you are going to have a social media account, be sure that you keep it professional. Look at your profile from an employer’s perspective and ask yourself, “Would I hire myself? Do I see any red flags on my profile?”

First thing I would recommend is to make your social media profiles as private as possible. This way no one that isn’t a direct connection can see personal information, pictures or posts. Also, set up a professional presence. CompleteMarkets offers you a professional personal profile that showcases your talents in a professional manner and is searchable by any potential employer. Make sure you complete your profile as much as possible to provide as much information to your potential employer as possible.