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The purpose of this blog is to help guide those who struggle to find employment in the Insurance and Financial Services industry. Every week I will post blogs to help job seekers through the hiring process. The blog posts will focus on; resume building, what words you should and shouldn't use on resumes, staying active in the job search, how to be successful on CompleteMarkets and get in front of recruiters and employers, providing relevant information regarding employment etc. It is my goal to take you from being a job seeker to an employed insurance professional.

This is a Candidate's Market

Ashley Fuerstenberg Ashley Fuerstenberg , 6/10/2015
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I recently read an article on Tim’s Strategy and it was about how hiring managers don’t decide who gets hired, it’s the candidates who decide! When I read this I thought it was very interesting. So I started to think about this and came to the conclusion that this couldn’t be truer.

In my experience of working with employers and candidates I have seen many times that it is the candidate who ultimately decides if they are hired or not and many times I have seen candidates turn down job offers because they want something better. 

The truth is, as a candidate, you hold all the cards. How you might ask? According to Tim’s Strategy here is how candidates decide if they get hired or not:

1. You build social credibility in advance of interview day
2. You network purposefully with people who may influence a decision
3. You know your resume really well and can speak to it confidently
4. You go in with positive energy about yourself and the specific job
5. You are ready to tell YOUR story and prior career results with clear benefits to prior companies

You have the chance to influence an employer’s hiring decision before they even speak to you! Your CompleteMarkets user profile is the way to do this.

You can customize your user profile to tell your story. Here is what you can do:

 Add a profile picture
 Add your biography
 Include links to your social media sites
 Upload your resume and customize your career history
 Create blogs, group/discussion posts and articles

Employers and recruiters are actively searching and reaching out to candidates but you can stay one step ahead and apply to the opportunities of your choosing.

The power has shifted from a recruiter-driven market to a candidate-driven market!