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4 Simple Steps on How to Make CTA A Tool for Lead Generation?

Mind Mingles Mind Mingles , 7/21/2018
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A Call-To-Action aka CTA is a button or a link encouraging visitors action on the blog post or website. It plays a major role as this is the thing leading the visitors to sign up on your website, to subscribe a newsletter or to download your brochure.

For me, CTA is the first step in the direction of conversions. If a visitor clicks on your CTA, you win the conversion game.

How does a Call-To-Action look like? 

·   Small illustrated, text-based button typed CTA

·   Medium illustrated, text-based button typed CTA

·   Large illustrated, text-based button typed CTA

·   Simple button CTA

·   Inline Text-based CTA

Where to position the CTA?


One should place a CTA keeping in mind the place it will attract the attention of the visitors. Usually, we see CTAs at the edge of the blogs or websites. If you are the one want to fill up the sales funnel you will have to add the CTA right at the top your website.


If you know your leads will not leave the side without exploring it you can place the CTA in the middle of the web page.


If you have a sound number of regular visitors then you can even place the CTA in the bottom of the website along with some offers.


One can even go with the conversion rate optimization services of Mind Mingles for great results.

CTA for lead generation:

1.      Visibility is the key:

Doesn't matter what you experiment with CTA t should be the one highly visible for the website visitors. I would suggest you, go with the button type CTA as it provides greater visibility, whereas the text-based CTA gets hidden in the environment.

2.      Large text:

The CTA should big enough to play as an attention grabber though; it should not hang over the screen. The size of the button should make the text written on it clearly visible to the viewers so that the visitors do not miss the CTA.

3.      Color contrast:

CTA is meant to look attractive and different from rest of the web page. So if you are trying to match it with your website's logo or your web page, I am afraid you will have to change your plans.


The more it will be of the contrast color or of a color different from the rest of the web page; then it will become an attention seeker.

4.      The perfect manual:

You CTA should always convey the actual work it does. It should have an easy to understand description and the manual should make the users click. Go for the text like 'DOWNLOAD’, 'SIGN UP TO GET STARTED’, 'SUBSCRIBE FOR..’ and more. This will encourage the visitor's click and will not let them scratch their head for the next step.

Conclusion: CTAs are meant to grab the attention and take them more towards conversion. Mind Mingles provides the best in class conversion rate optimization services, making the tough task of customer conversion super easy.