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Breaking-Up The Top 3 SEO Myths

Mind Mingles Mind Mingles , 7/30/2018
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We don't doubt the fact that SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMISATION aka SEO is a complicated topic and today almost every business owner is taking its help. SEO is the perfect way of taking any business higher online and make some effective conversions.


Being highly buzzed topic of the decade search engine optimization aka SEO has created so many myths.


I found many of the people having half knowledge about SEO and thus creating unnecessary myths about the same.

So today, I am thinking to break out 3 of the very hazardous and yet common myths I have found people believe.


Top 3 SEO Myths:

1.    SEO doesn't work:

Yeah, this is the most common myth I have found people believing but obviously before going for the SEO. People get confused on how SEO work and when they didn't see anything they start following the myth that SEO does not work.


SEO establishes a link between your business and online world. It lets the globe know about your services by making sure if someone searches for your services they should find you. They how you can believe in such bogus talk?


SEO works, it's just that it has its own space of work and you need to provide the required time for it to achieve success.


2.    Pages never rank and that is why we SEO blogs:

Ok, this is another big-big myth I have found people trusting with closed eyes. If you want to see the reality on this one you have to open your eyes and that too at the earliest. A blog post is itself a page of the website. The step you take while optimizing the website’s page is just the same as to do for the blog post. Optimization of both the website's pages and blog post gives you the best possible SEO results.


So, it is smart to optimize the blog post however for the perfect results you have to optimise your website's pages as well.


3.    Google AdWords is SEO:

People might have started believing this one because Google is the biggest search engine and AdWords is the one showing ads while searching on Google.

Let me make you aware of the fact that SEO is all about not-paid or organic search visibility. So basically this one as well doesn't make any sense.


AdWords is a place where you have to pay for each advertisement. You can go for the AdWords campaign for attracting some extra traffic to your website or product however, SEO is something that stays forever on your website.


Conclusion: Myths are just the type of imaginations you believe in and to be practical knowing the facts can make you judge better. Mind Mingles is the SEO services provider agency with affordable SEO packages that break all of these myths to give you the desired results. Keep these myths away from your mind and let the SEO service provider do their best.