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Guaranteed SEO Services Use The Latest Strategies

Mind Mingles Mind Mingles , 9/3/2018
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Search engine optimization techniques also undergo changes in a rapid manner. The strategies that might give effective results some time back are no longer in use today. Using them might only hurt the ranking of the site. Guaranteed SEO Services depend upon only the most recent strategies in use today. Here is what they do.

Concentrate more upon engagement

Engagement refers to the material that is going to hold the attention of the users. This means the time that one spends upon a page. When the user engagement is strong, Google make the page rank higher. Different ranking factors include search visits, global rank, total visits, the time spent on site, direct visits, page views, and bounce rates. Organic position relates to page bounce rate and with higher bounce rate of the web page, the search rankings decrease. Users are going to stay on a page only when they are going to find something useful there. For the users the search engines deliver the most relevant results.

Longer pages work better

When the content on the site is longer, SERP ranking increases automatically as per the recent research. Writing more than 2000 words for every article proves to be quite tedious, time consuming, and intensive. The better tactic as per the Guaranteed SEO services is to extend the already existing pages to make them look better. Existing site content tends to have established readership and authority. The expert would find existing posts doing well, update the contained information, refresh this, and add extra content. There is reliance on the existing signals for making it rank for the various terms.

YouTube content is important

In comparison to the other video content, those on YouTube get better exposure with searches that are more frequent. This means that from the SEO point of view it is impossible to ignore this platform. Any focus in this regard pushes the website to first page helping you to maximize the site traffic. This happens because you get traffic from the YouTube content as well. It means that you can get double traffic from same content.

SEO friendly video creation

Videos tend to attract more attention when compared to the simple text content or even images. This means that the optimization efforts of the guaranteed SEO services are on the video in particular. The filename, description, and the title affect the ranking. The experts create compelling title while making the SEO friendly as well.