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NEW: Environmental Coverage for Education
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As you evaluate your education clients' total risk transfer strategy, are you considering specialized coverages for environmental risks? Pollution legal liability is an often overlooked exposure that could cause a significant loss. Pollution is not limited to gas leaks or chemical spills - it extends to mold, Legionalla, and indoor air contaminants that can be present within almost any building, including a dormitory. Many of these "invisible toxins" can go undetected for years and carry long-term health consequences for occupants of residence halls and office areas.
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Site pollution liability is too large a risk to leave to chance. Let our specialty carriers assist in protecting your client's balance sheet by actively managing their environmental risks.
Key Coverage Features:
No asbestos or lead exclusion for bodily injury, property damage, cleanup of soil/groundwater
Bodily injury includes medical monitoring
Property damage includes natural resource damage
Cleanup costs include environmental professional trigger absent applicable environmental laws
No need to schedule known conditions as long as disclosed in the application
Fines and penalties exclusion limited to criminal activities
Non-auditable for premium
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