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With Education Insurance Services (EIS), you have simplified access to coverage tailored especially for educational institutions. From packaged programs for small independent schools and colleges, to specialty coverages for all educational institutions, EIS enables agents and brokers to effectively serve their education clients.

Are Your Education Clients Covered Against Large Losses?

Wendell Smith Wendell Smith , 11/9/2016
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In recent discussions with brokers and agents, I’ve gotten a lot of questions about the largest losses faced by schools and the best coverage to protect against these claims. That led me and my team to create a report, available here, describing the most significant recent losses at independent and public K-12 schools. They include a:
  • $1.03 million award to a former high school baseball player after he was struck with a foul ball.
  • $4.2 million settlement after a 12-year-old student was paralyzed after being punched by another student. The school was accused of non-compliance with state anti-bullying laws.
Click here to download the Large Loss Report.

As you read, consider whether your clients have adequate coverage. If you would like to discuss options, feel free to call me at 240-630-6793 or send me an email at


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