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FMJ Agency Alliance

FMJ Agency Alliance is a comprehensive Independent Insurance Group headquartered in New Jersey. We are actively looking to appoint Independent Agencies in New Jersey that are in need of personal lines markets, a complete office management system, and an experienced staff for back shop support.

NJ Markets without the Quotas!

Victor Cordone Victor Cordone , 9/21/2016
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Welcome to the first day of the rest of your professional life
FMJ Agency Alliance welcomes you
to the first day of the rest of your professional life.
FMJ Offers You:
Access to a full array of Personal Lines, Commercial Lines, Life Insurance & Employee Benefits Carriers
  FMJ is a subsidiary of Scirocco Group, one of the nation's Top 100 Independent Property & Casualty Agencies.

The strong relationships Scirocco has nurtured over the past 60 years were utilized to develop the robust market access available to FMJ agents.
No minimum agency production quotas
  FMJ Agents all work as part of Scirocco, and carrier production quotas apply to the whole rather than each office.

You'll have a huge market advantage over your local agency competition, without having to worry about quotas.
State-of-the-art agency management system at our expense including proprietary marketing and agency growth initiatives customized for your agency
  Because you are a part of our family, and we believe you cannot run a successful independent agency without an effective agency management system, we have paid for Applied's Epic System.

You will only be required to pay for your office's licenses, which will save you thousands of dollars and allow you the greatest opportunity for success from day one.
Nationally recognized Internet growth experts contracted exclusively for your agency expansion
  Our Proprietary Lead & Marketing Platform is one-of-a-kind - no other agency platform has anything like it.

These relationships allow us to provide you with leads - people looking to purchase personal and commercial insurance in your area.
Dedicated start-up and agency transition team to get your agency up and running efficiently
  You may be wondering, "Who owns the business I write?" You Do. As an FMJ agent, your business will always be your business, and you'll never have to pay to retain that business.
FMJ Agency Alliance is not an aggregator or wholesaler - our FMJ agents become a part of our professional family.
Contact us:
Our support goes beyond market access. As an FMJ agent you have a full back office staff to support you and your business. You will have direct access to a personal lines manager and a commercial lines manager, as well as the full support and infrastructure of a company that is recognized as a Best Practices Agency.
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The possibilities are endless, contact us today!
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To contact us, and for more information, please visit our CompleteMarkets storefront.