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At Fleming Financial Services, Inc., our role is to assist our clients in defining and realizing their financial objectives and goals. We work with our clients to implement personalized plans designed for their unique situations. Our areas of concentration are: Retirement planning, Estate and Wealth Transfer strategies, and Business Continuation planning. We emphasize the importance of conducting our business with integrity and professionalism. As a member of PartnersFinancial, an independent national financial services company, we are able to provide access to sophisticated resources for the benefit of our clients. Some of the professionals with our firm are currently registered to conduct business through NFP Securities, Inc. With those additional resources in place, we help facilitate the complex corporate and personal financial decisions our clients must make.

Medicare Part D and what you need to know

Thomas Joseph Thomas Joseph , 11/25/2014
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 What Drug Plans Give YouFleming Financial Services, PA, Hidden Costs of Health Care All Medicare prescription medicine plans possess a separate list of medicine under the plan (named a formulary). Several Medicare drug plans have drugs arranged in separate categories on these formularies. Formulary drug prices go from least to greatest in each category. Generally, you pay less for a smaller category drug and pay more with a greater category drug. If you happened to need medication that is presently on a greater category scale and your pharmacist feels you need it to replace a smaller category drug that gives almost the same results your pharmacist can request an exemption to reduce your copayment. During this season Medicare makes shifts in their plans and formulary requirement changes are made as well. If these coverage shifts involve a medication you are on, there are two plan options you can make. You will be given two months’ notice before the date of the change comes into play. When you replenish the medicine your insurance company will inform you of the change in writing and give you two months’ worth of medication to adhere to the policy rules you were previously a part of. Getting Medicare Coverage Drug coverage is complementary for anyone with Medicare. If you chose to opt out of the Medicare Prescription drug plan the first time it’s offered free of charge’ have no other approved medicine cost coverage, or you don’t ask for assistance, you will probably be charged a late enrollment fee. To be eligible for coverage, you must sign up with a Medicare compliant insurance company or private institution. Every plan differs in cost and coverage. PDPs (Medicare Part D Plans) give drug coverage to existing Medicare holders, PFFS Plans, certain Medicare Cost Plans, and the MSA Plans. After you have joined a Medicare drug plan getting drug coverage is simple. You can call Medicare, fill out a Medicare form, or contact them online.