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At Fleming Financial Services, Inc., our role is to assist our clients in defining and realizing their financial objectives and goals. We work with our clients to implement personalized plans designed for their unique situations. Our areas of concentration are: Retirement planning, Estate and Wealth Transfer strategies, and Business Continuation planning. We emphasize the importance of conducting our business with integrity and professionalism. As a member of PartnersFinancial, an independent national financial services company, we are able to provide access to sophisticated resources for the benefit of our clients. Some of the professionals with our firm are currently registered to conduct business through NFP Securities, Inc. With those additional resources in place, we help facilitate the complex corporate and personal financial decisions our clients must make.

We the People... Part 3

Thomas Joseph Thomas Joseph , 5/27/2014
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Fleming Financial, PA, We the PeopleThe Challenge to the Challenges Faced with these challenges, millions of Americans the past few years have followed this financial strategy: “duck and cover.”  That works well inside a boxing ring. Not so much when planning for a future that starts with a retirement you deserve.  Others call the strategy “going broke safely,” which loosely translated means keeping a significant portion of your retirement money in “safe” investments such as certificates of deposit and money market funds. While they are “safe” from market forces their value will erode over time against the hidden forces of taxes and inflation. As of 12/21/12 the aggregate rate on a one-year CD stood at 0.71%.* * That is a long road to retirement. You need to avoid:
  •  Short-term decisions that lead to long-term financial mediocrity.
  •  Retirement that leaves you wanting for more while living on less.
  •  Planning that accounts for the expected while ignoring the potential for the unexpected.
Accumulate and Protect By year-end 2011, millions of individuals owned a life insurance policy or annuity product or were covered by one or more employee benefits offered through one of the ING U.S. family of companies. The ING Life Companies have some thoughts on how you can better plan for that retirement you deserve while knowing that the unexpected too often rears its ugly head. Review the ideas with your financial professional. Ask good questions. Learn as much as you can. Then you will be better equipped to manage the financial realities we all face and the financial challenges we all need to overcome. Better equipped with the potential to build supplemental retirement income and having the means to protect it.  It’s time for you to chart that bold new course. ©2013 ING North America Insurance Corporation CN1224-6728-1214