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Preparing Your Workplace for Winter

Shawna Kreis Shawna Kreis , 9/30/2015
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Gelinas Financial, GA, Life InsuranceKeeping your business sound and your crew cared for means different things at different times of year. In the winter, it means making a plan to deal with weather before you get caught off guard, ensuring everyone has a good defense against the colds and flu's that characterize the colder months, and keeping your property in topnotch condition. Let’s take a look at a few of the most important chores to check off your list before the colder weather rolls in, and how they help you keep your business on track and your employees protected. Get Your Furnace Checked It’s no fun to discover your furnace has fizzled after the colder temperatures hit. Instead, get it looked at by a professional before the first fall snap. Otherwise you may have some miserable employees – or a boycott on your hands – while you wait for the repairman to arrive. Put Emergency Plans in Place While big thunderstorms aren’t as common in winter as they are in summer, the occasional snowstorm or sleet storm is totally possible. When roads get dangerous or power goes out, it’s important to have an emergency plan. If your office is large, outline how you’ll get the majority of people home while maintaining a skeleton crew for sensitive information or processes. Have emergency supplies on hand for power outages, and if your office is isolated, keep a two-way radio handy to call for help. Offer Health Insurance Good health insurance is often one of the reasons cited for staying with a company – or leaving it for another. Keep your favorite employees around with a great health plan. Most health plans enroll in November and December, so don’t forget to sign up your company or have your employees sign up, depending on your plan type. Encourage everyone to get a flu shot, and to stay home if they show symptoms so they don’t get everyone else sick. Tend to Your Landscaping Before winter rolls in, give the lawn a final mow, prune back any perennials that need it, lay down mulch and turn off outdoor faucets so pipes don’t freeze and bust. Clean out your gutters and rake leaves off your walkways before they turn into season-long slime. Getting the workplace ready for winter isn’t so hard when you set up an annual routine. Get yours going now and make life easier.