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The Nice Box, Or the Useful Box? Or Both?

Georgia Addiosn Georgia Addiosn , 10/24/2017
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Boxes and packages are one of those life-savers that we just cannot do without. There are so many types of them, each meant for a specific purpose. But, when it comes to domestic affairs, a box is just a box!

Cargo Boxes 

Cargo boxes are usually very large in size and are ideally made of thick, light board or wood that can endure large quantities and weight. They can carry various types of different equipment that may include homeware, kitchenware, furniture or even clothing. These boxes are made by nailing all the sides together, including the top, thereby sealing it tight with all the contents inside. There may be a couple of measures taken for protecting them on the inside as these boxes are usually shipped or sent by air a very long way across many countries and continents.

Image Source: Pexels

Gift Boxes

Gift boxes are an interesting kind that is quite diverse in range. They are found in different sizes, shapes and colours. The entire purpose of it is nothing but to look pretty and appealing to the eye. These types of gift packing boxes are made or purchased separately from the stores and they come in handy when you have a present that you think looks too dull or ordinary. Putting a boring gift into a gift box before presenting it can cheer things up and make it look more special. You might want to see that your box isn’t too deceiving or too good though, than whatever that’s inside. Gift boxes are usually very fancy, pretty and elegant, and so you’d better not utterly disappoint someone with a grander appearance than its contents. Just make sure you get an equally pretty gift to put in the pretty box!

Product Packages

The kind of packaging boxes that come with a new product is the regular that is designed for real purposes. Safety and protection are key concerns when it comes to this type of packaging and so you are likely to find cellophane and bubble wrap around the product that is placed in a printed cardboard box. If it’s an equipment of some sort, there would be user manuals and other parts to it packed inside along with the main product. Boxes used for these products are usually printed with a picture of the equipment or object that resembles the exact or almost exact one that it contains. If it’s something delicate or fragile, manufacturers would use pieces of thick foam to keep it firm and intact.

Jewellery and Accessories

Smaller paper boxes are used for jewellery and accessories made of anything other than gold. These boxes can be tiny but are quite cute and fancy making you want to save it for later use. They are usually designed using good quality board that most of the time have shiny or subtly decorated surfaces with a brand name printed on it to give it a rich and classy look. For slightly costly jewellery, they may have boxes made with velvet or any other type of rich fabric.

Could you now imagine how difficult and sometimes boring life would be without different kinds of packages for all our different needs and requirements. If not for them, how would you shift your household from country to country and city to city? And where would you put your piles of untouched magazines, books and old newspaper? Think about it