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John Graham John Graham , 12/5/2013
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 Although companies marketing to consumers are effective at aligning their branding messages with what their customers value most, McKinsey research indicates that's not the case with B2B marketing.
 The research points out a common discontinuity problem that B2B companies have with their customers:
  • Companies positioned social responsibility, sustainability and global imaging as leading roles for brand strength (These did not resonate with customers.)
  • Customers considered honest and open dialogue, acting responsibly across the supply chain, and a high level of specialist expertise as most important/ (The companies did not emphasize these in their marketing.
Further analysis by McKinsey indicated a tendency on the part of B2B companies to follow the lead of their peers, thus failing to differentiate their brand messaging.
The bottom line: Developing customer-driven messaging and applying it consistently are essential to making a brand impact.