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John Graham John Graham , 1/2/2014
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In the early 1970s a young physician met Steve Jobs in India when "Mr. Jobs showed up with bare feet and a shaved head at the Himalayan ashram where the doctor was living," as the New York Times noted. The two became life-long friends.


Recently, Dr. Larry Brilliant (yes, that's his surname) presented a 33-year old Apple II computer to Steve's wife and son, the one Steve donated, along with a $5,000 gift, to the doctor's non-profit Seva Foundation in about 1980. The doctor pointed out that the gifts helped Seva restore sight to 3.5 million people in Bangladesh, Cambodia, Nepal, Tibet, India, and other countries.


Although Jobs has been criticized for his seeming lack of philanthropy, Dr. Brilliant believes that picture would have changed if he had lived longer. The doctor indicated that Apple was an all-consuming passion for him at the time. "I only know how to do one thing well," Jobs said to the physician. "I think I can help the world by doing this one thing."


To start the New Year, think about doing one thing well