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John Graham John Graham , 2/11/2014
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Most marketing messages – everything from advertising, flyers, and letters, to websites and e-mails – miss the mark and fail to connect with customers. Why? They reflect "company thinking:" what the company wants to say, and the message it wants to deliver.
Remember: customers couldn't care less about what your company thinks about itself, its products, services, or employees. All that counts is what customers think about you!
To get the message right, adopt a "walk in the customer's shoes" mindset. Speak to customers and get them to talk to you. Forget about automated surveys and "tell us how we're doing" stuff; they're too prevalent and frustrate customers when they’re too long, miss the mark, or (even worse) when customers ignore them.
 Talking to customers takes time, effort, and skill: investments that many companies seem to consider "unnecessary." Instead, make them the heart of your message – and keep this message as clear as possible.
For example:  
Problem: Attempting to say too much. Solution: edit, edit, edit.
Problem: Too many ideas. Solution: focus on a single main point. 
Problem: Failure to reach enough customers. Solution: repeat, repeat, repeat.