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John Graham John Graham , 3/27/2014
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Businesses, like people, tend to talk about what they know best: themselves. That’s the problem. Customers don't want to be told - they want businesses to listen to and understand their story.
Businesses just can't seem to stop talking about themselves. For example:  "XYZ Bank is proud of our [ community outreach efforts. We’re a true local bank that cares about the people we serve and this community that is] such a wonderful place to live." The irony is that the words are genuine, conveying the way this particular bank feels about itself. However, this doesn't change the fact that the ad is an exercise in telling customers, not trying to understand their story.   

In contrast, consider how Starbuck's engages customers.” "Bring in your receipt and get a treat..." It's worthwhile taking time to review our words to see if they’re sending the message that customers want to hear.