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Don Phin Don Phin , 12/23/2013
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Consider these resolutions to help build successful workforce relations during the coming year:

• Think in terms of empowerment, not control. You can’t control good workers today, so there’s no use trying. Focus on empowerment and the quality of the work experience.
• Hire the right people. It’s more important than ever to have the right people on your team. Take your time finding them and don’t hesitate to terminate those who don’t measure up.
• Focus on what you can do best. What can your workforce do better than anyone else? How can the workforce help make your company unique?
• Open the books. If you want a fully responsible workforce, they have to know the numbers. They need to understand what they do every day that makes you, or costs you, money. Have your business partners come in to teach basic financial analysis during all staff lunches.
• Survey your employees. Make sure your survey encourages people to speak up in an open manner and focuses more on moving forward than on judgment. Don’t presume to predict the source of tomorrow’s breakthroughs - ask questions to find out.
• Drop a bad habit. Every person and every company has one big bad habit someplace. This is your chance to finally put it to rest.
• Celebrate! Life’s too short not to have fun. Look for the joy in the work you do. Pride of workmanship provides perhaps the greatest source of joy in the workplace.

Adopt these New Year resolutions and you’ll benefit from a workforce that’s far more motivated, less stressed, and more productive and profitable for everyone.