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Don Phin Don Phin , 2/4/2014
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If you’ve ever hired a rogue employee, you know just how destructive they can be. These bad apples can cost your company valued clients, customers, and employees. They can create bad press, high employee turnover, and nasty lawsuits. That’s the bad news. The good news – you can keep these bad actors out of your workplace by taking some proactive steps:

  1. Do your homework on potential hires. Dig into their work history, their references, their background, and so forth. Comply with the Fair Credit Reporting Act and check their financial and criminal records. Get a credit or background report from
  2. Beware of infatuation. Rogues can be highly proficient at manipulating job interviews. They’ll sense your emotional infatuation immediately and shut down your logical faculties. To avoid this danger, involve a second person in the interview (it’s almost impossible to infatuate two people), and use character assessment tools in the hiring process. We recommend Tell them we sent you and you’ll enjoy two free assessments.
  3. Conduct a thorough interview. Don’t settle for surface responses. Act like a five-year old and keep asking “why, why, why?” Ask how the candidate would react if someone accused them of wrongdoing. See if they seek to justify any pain resulting from the incident. If you get the impression that they don’t care about other people’s pain, they might well have a sociopathic personality.
  4. Trust your intuition. Listen to the inner voice that says, “Watch out!” If you have doubts, get a second opinion. Remember, if a candidate doesn’t “feel right,” chances are that they aren’t.
These guidelines can go far to protect you from potential rogue employees. Dealing with villains who have already entered the workplace presents a far more serious threat that would probably require professional advice.