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Don Phin Don Phin , 3/17/2014
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How effectively are your compliance and personnel management practices? Rate your performance using a 1 to 10 scale, on which 1 is “we’re doomed,” 5 is mediocre, and 10 is perfect:


1. We have a fail-safe system designed to hire only trustworthy            

2.    All new employees go through an extensive orientation 

 3.    We have clearly identified the workflow obligations for
                each employee.

         4.   We have clearly communicated our company’s vision, 
               mission, values, and goals to our workforce 

        5.   Our employees are very clear on expected performance

6.   We allow employees to devote time and resources to 
              furthering their career development.

7.   We have eliminated all unwanted turnover.

        8.    We have taken all steps “reasonably necessary” to
               avoid compliance law concerns.

        9. We have systems in place to proactively encourage

10. We celebrate and reward superior performance.


If your score is less than 80, you have a lot of work to do. It’s time to start talking about how to achieve better results in harder times.