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Don Phin Don Phin , 3/24/2014
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According to Dr. Edwards Deming, the father of Total Quality Management, “profound knowledge” generally comes from the outside – because no organization can fully understand itself. An effective human resources program requires thinking from outside the box. One way to get an outside perspective is to study principles applied in disciplines completely different from your situation.

For example, try a “marketing” approach to workforce management. Savvy marketers test, test, and retest a variety of messages to see which one works best. Applying this principle to enhance your employees’ automation skills, test different training systems on small groups of workers. Once you have empirical data on which program works best, roll it out to the rest of your staff. 

Marketers also suggest “nurturing” prospects with a series of messages to gain their attention. The same could be said when it comes to grabbing your employees’ attention. A one-time message will probably get lost in the clutter we all face. If that’s the case, spread out your bonus and other incentive programs.