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The need for Term Life is Real

Why the masses should instantly consider Term Life Insurance. The Best Reasons to Consider Term Life

8 Ways to Procure Term Life Insurance

Scott Scott , 5/18/2016
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The question about the best place to purchase term life insurance seems almost funny to me, as it seems to be everywhere.   The need for it is clear, A Vast Majority of Americans can Benefit from Term Life Insurance.   If you have kids, a mortgage, or just want a little extra cash - it can come in really useful.

Below are some ideas of where to purchase Term Life Insurance:
1.  Your current property casualty agent.  The people that write your home insurance or auto insurance likely can also sell you a term life policy.   Beware that they may be captive agents and not able to truly shop your policy around.
2.  A 1-800 number you see on TV or from an ad.  These are common perhaps for lower policy face amounts.  As with the above, you are typically calling one insurance company and getting your term life insurance quote.
3.  Your Bank - its possible that your bank may sell term life insurance or be affiliated with someone that does.
4.  The internet.  As if the internet was "One Thing" there are obviously millions of places to purchase Term Life Insurance online these days.  This is quickly becoming the most common method for millions of Americans.
5.  A Captive Life Insurance Agent.  New York Life, Northwestern Mutual, among others still have reams of insurance agents out there selling life insurance by consulting with you.
6.  By mail.  Yes, mail.  I see advertisements all the time for it.  Some of the underwriting will be done via phone, i am sure.
7  A Term Life Specialist.   What is a term life insurance specialist you ask?   Well its someone that focuses on just selling term life insurance and only selling term life insurance.   By focusing on it, they can learn all there is to know about the underwriting for various medical issues.  Having issues getting life insurance and you have asthma... yep there is a specialist out there.
8.  A Local Independent Broker.   Want someone who can shop the policy around, yet live close by for a face to face?   

I am certain that there are more options out there, but I just can think how to categorize them.
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