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Insential, Inc.

Insential Inc. is an insurance wholesaler committed to helping retail agents serve your business clients. We provide insurance solutions for many classes of business, associations and carriers. Our organization is nimble and experienced, with roots in the brokerage, underwriting and niche program arenas. Our aim is to give you easy access to specialty products, programs and brokerage solutions for coverages throughout the United States. We promise you convenience, loyalty and first-class customer service.

Protect Clients with Liquor Liability & Related Coverages

Christine Seitz Christine Seitz , 7/26/2016
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Serving Liquor Liability Insurance
for Several Classes of Business
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*** We don't require the applicant to buy the GL with the Liquor
Target Classes:
•   Fine dining
•   Nightclubs
•   Caterers
•   Non-Profits/ Private, Fraternal Clubs
•   Retail Liquor Stores
•   Bars & Restaurants - all types of restaurants
•   Bowling Alleys
•   Country Clubs
•   Breweries
•   Drive-Thrus
•   Distilleries
•   B&B's
•   Halls (Contingent)
Available Coverages:
•   Liquor Liability
•   General Liability
•   Property
•   Umbrella/ Excess Liability
•   Crime
•   EPLI
•   Assault & Battery
We cannot place franchisee locations.
Available in all states except: Illinois, Iowa and Oregon.
We will also consider
•   Up to 100% Liquor Sales
•   New Ventures
•   Bouncers & Doorpersons
•   Major Entertainment
(no requirement that servers be TIPS trained).
As an experienced program manager in Liquor Liability insurance, Insential delivers an assortment of classes to quench your thirst. We will bring you only the most qualified and financially strong insurance carriers and products for your clients' particular needs. We can provide 15 products as monoline liquor liability or as a commercial package policy.
Insential looks forward to serving you and your clients.

Please contact:

President Tony Pulgine at 888.571.6160 or with any questions.
Be sure to visit our CompleteMarkets Liquor Liability storefront.
Insential, Inc.
4 Westbrook Corporate Center, Suite 500
Westchester, IL 60154
tel: 888.571.6160 fax: 708.731.4052