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Insurance Programs of America

Insurance Programs of America (IPOA) is a leading developer of innovative programs, offering our insurance agency partners specialized coverage for niche property classes in emerging markets and growth industries.

The Hotel Experince

Stefan Burkey Stefan Burkey , 8/27/2014
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Family vacations, business trips, and honeymoons all have one thing in common – accommodating their guests in a place unfamiliar to them. These trips involve extensive planning, and while finding a hotel is easy, finding the right hotel is no walk in the park. Every guest is looking for a hospitable atmosphere during their stay, and that is not always the case.

Before a hotel can focus on their customer’s needs, they must first face the many risks in the hospitality industry unbeknownst to their customers. Hotels protected by our program know that they are protected. This gives them to freedom to focus on their customers’ needs, rather than the details of running a business, like insurance.

Insurance Programs of America provides national insurance for all hotels, including course properties and resorts and spas – both admitted and non-admitted. We offer a program specifically designed for limited and full service hotels. You can visit our HotelPro Insurance Program on CompleteMarkets for more information, or you can call us directly at 407-260-8200. Our expertise in hotel insurance is unmatched! We look forward to hearing from you.