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Proper Hotel Coverage

Stefan Burkey Stefan Burkey , 11/13/2014
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A video posted to YouTube on November 8th has been making rounds through various social media outlets. The user who posted the video used his laptop for security surveillance in his hotel room to find out which hotel employee was not respecting his privacy. In his room, he had expensive electronics including a tablet, laptop, a gaming system, and games. After entering his room, the hotel employee looked through his personal items and attempted to access his laptop. In just a few days, the video has received almost 3 million views.

Hotels, both large and small, employ a wide range of employees to take care of the property and guests. Unfortunately, it’s not always apparent which employees are trustworthy at the time of hire. This puts hotels at a very high risk of exposure to lawsuits. Videos, like the one mentioned above, can also be very damaging to a hotel’s reputation.
Proper insurance coverage can help protect your clients’ hotels in these types of situations. Our HotelPro extensions include coverage for employee dishonesty, personal effects, and the property of others. These extensions will help protect your client in the event that an employee acts in a dishonest or reckless manner. We also offer in-house underwriting and claims management to ensure your clients are taken care of quickly and with little or no disruption to their business.

Please visit our Exclusive Hotel Insurance Program storefront on CompleteMarkets for more information, or call us directly at 407-260-8200. We look forward to serving you and protecting your clients.