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Complete Hotel Coverage

Stefan Burkey Stefan Burkey , 12/31/2014
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Hotels are one of the highest risk industries because of the number of customers and employees involved on a daily basis.

Here are a few risky areas:

1. Swimming Pools – Smooth and slippery surfaces around the pool can cause guests to fall and injure themselves.

2. Poorly Repaired Furniture – Saving money by doing in-house repairs can lead to weakened, worn-out furniture that should be replaced. Failing to replace furniture can lead to injuries.

3. Slip and Fall – Guests slipping and falling can occur in various places inside and outside the hotel. Make sure proper safety precautions are in place to avoid accidents, such as smooth transitions on all flooring and handrails on stairs.

Do not trust your clients' hotel insurance to just anyone. We are experts in hotel insurance and can provide your clients complete coverage for their properties. We offer full packages or standalone property, liability, EPLI, and umbrella. We can entertain capacities up to $50 million per location with $10,000 minimum premium for property and $5,000 minimum premium for liability.

Please visit our exclusive hotel insurance storefront on CompleteMarkets for more information, or call us directly at 407-260-8200. We look forward to serving you and protecting your clients.