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The Real Need for Life Clients to Consider their Health Class

Scott Scott , 11/28/2017
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Are we really doing enough to help life insurance clients save money?   I mean real money?

The other week I received a phone call from a panicked life insurance consumer.  She was surprised to learn that because she smokes that she was going to have to pay almost twice as much for life insurance, as she had seen presented on an internet format.

My response to her was what you might expect it to be:  Why would you think that the lowest rate show online was the best life insurance rate for you?

As insurance professionals we all know that all insurance rates are pretty worthless unless a full underwriting has been completed.   However in the age of google - some consumers can not seem to understand this,nor the complex rules governing life insurance health classes.

Possibly its not the fault of the typical insurance agents out there, perhaps Flo and her pricing philosophy brought this all on.

None the less the solution is not simple.  Agents, Marketers, Executives we either need to make life insurance underwriting simpler or to do a better job explaining the process.

Scott W Johnson is the owner of Whole Vs Term Life   A comparative life insurance site.  Johnson believes in educating clients through the complicated process of life insurance.