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Mid-market employers can limit telework risks by setting clear boundaries

William Jordan William Jordan , 12/18/2013
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The Jordan Insurance Group, MD, TelecommutingMid-market employers can mitigate much of the liability exposures inherent in allowing employees to work remotely by formalizing the parameters of their telework arrangements. Whether it's to accommodate injured or disabled workers, reduce overhead costs, boost employees' job satisfaction and productivity, or attract and retain high-level talent, nearly 90% of mid-market employers offer some type of telecommuting flexibility to their employees, according to an October survey by WorldatWork, a Scottsdale, Ariz.-based human resources industry association. However, the survey also found that nearly one-third of all employers that offer telecommuting and other workforce flexibility programs had no written policy or document outlining the rules and requirements for their programs. By not clearly defining the limits of their telecommuting arrangements, companies could find themselves exposed to a range of labor-related civil and legal liabilities, including workplace discrimination, wage-and-hour disputes and workers compensation claims, employment law and human resources experts said. “One of the biggest things employers can do to help with the liability issues is having formal policies in place,” said Rose Stanley, WorldatWork's Scottsdale-based total rewards practice leader. The process of drafting such policies should begin with an open dialogue involving all departmental or divisional leaders whose operations could be affected by moving employees' day-to-day activities off-site, Ms. Stanley said. Read the entire article here. Content provided by|299|70|340|305|342#crit=telework

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