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With over 76 years of experience, The Jordan Insurance Group is an industry leader in Life Insurance strategies and Employee Benefits. We strive for excellence through our due diligence in selecting products to satisfy our clients’ needs with proven benefit designs and tax strategies. Our Team utilizes a diversified multi-level approach in preserving, protecting and growing wealth for our business and individual clients.

What is the ACA?

William Jordan William Jordan , 1/8/2014
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The Jordan Insurance Group, MD, ACAThe new health care reform act is now in effect as of January 1, 2014.  Many people are still confused by what the new law entails.  The Jordan Insurance Group has a few things about the new health care law to share with you:
  • The new law has made it easier for shopping and purchasing health insurance.
  • Insurance companies must cover people with pre-existing conditions.  No longer can they deny anyone based on a pre-existing condition.
  • Insurance companies are now held liable for any and all rate increases.
  • Your health insurance cannot be cancelled just because you get sick.
  • You still get to pick your doctors.
  • Young adults up to the age of 26, can stay on their parent’s plan and keep coverage.
  • Free preventive care
  • No longer are the days of yearly and lifetime limits for essential health coverage.
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