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With over 76 years of experience, The Jordan Insurance Group is an industry leader in Life Insurance strategies and Employee Benefits. We strive for excellence through our due diligence in selecting products to satisfy our clients’ needs with proven benefit designs and tax strategies. Our Team utilizes a diversified multi-level approach in preserving, protecting and growing wealth for our business and individual clients.

A good employee benefits package should have these items

William Jordan William Jordan , 4/28/2014
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The Jordan Insurance Group, MD, Employee BenefitsOffering your employees a benefits package is one thing - offering them a good employee benefits package is something else altogether. As you begin to research state employee benefits and federal employee benefits, you will soon start to realize that no two benefits packages are typically created equal. You'll also want to consider the needs of your individual employees before selecting any type of employee health benefits plan that will affect all of them. What works for a similar company might not work for yours, for example. However, there are a few key components that any good employee benefits package will need to have. One key component of a good employee benefits package has to do with when your employees won't be working at all. A good employee benefits package should have paid vacation days, paid holidays, bereavement plans, paid personal days and more. You'll also want to consider implementing short term disability insurance, which means that your employee will still receive a portion of their income if they cannot work due to any type of disabling injury. This is one of the more important components of such a comprehensive package. Another important part of a comprehensive employee health benefits package has to do with long term disability insurance. These types of plans, often referred to as LTD plans, protect your employee from the loss of income that they would otherwise experience from any type of long term injury. Yet another important part of a comprehensive benefits package has to do with vision insurance. In addition to making sure that your employee always has the resources they need to maintain proper eyesight, it will also lower the cost of the benefits package that you are providing. Keep in mind that vision insurance is often an optional addition to these types of packages and won't necessarily come as a standard inclusion. Some of the benefits of vision insurance include paying for a portion of corrective equipment like eyeglasses or contact lenses and making sure that your employees always have access to regular vision examinations whenever they feel they are needed. Content provided by Transformer Marketing.