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With over 76 years of experience, The Jordan Insurance Group is an industry leader in Life Insurance strategies and Employee Benefits. We strive for excellence through our due diligence in selecting products to satisfy our clients’ needs with proven benefit designs and tax strategies. Our Team utilizes a diversified multi-level approach in preserving, protecting and growing wealth for our business and individual clients.

Mother's Day gifts

William Jordan William Jordan , 5/9/2014
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The Jordan Insurance Group, MD, Mothers DayMother's Day is quickly approaching and you'll definitely want to begin thinking about what to get that special lady in your life. Even if you call your mother on a weekly (or daily) basis and tell her that you love her at every chance you get, it's still appreciated to buy her something special from time to time to show her that you really care. When buying gifts for Mother's Day, however, you're always going to want to keep a few key things in mind to help make sure that you get something she'll truly love. For starters, always take a look around the house the next time you visit your parents to find out if she needs anything in particular. While it can be nice to pick up a copy of her favorite movie on home video, for example, it will be even nicer to surprise her by getting that broken garage door fixed that she can't quite manage on her own. Likewise, if you know she's been looking at something new for her yard or garden, consider picking it up when Mother's Day rolls around. It won't just be a gift that she'll enjoy for one day or even occasionally - it'll be something that she can enjoy regularly throughout the year. Each and every time she uses it, she'll always be thinking of you at the same time. Another factor that you're going to want to consider when picking up a Mother's Day gift has to do with her own personality. Consider the things that you know she does and does not like carefully before getting her any one particular item. If you know she likes stories by Nicholas Sparks but isn't a movie watcher, for example, it might not be a good idea to take her to see the new Nicholas Sparks movie in a theater. If she's a big reader, however, you could always pick up the book version of the same story at your local bookstore. You could also consider taking her out to some type of an event like the theater, or even to her favorite local sporting event. Content provided by Transformer Marketing.