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Baltimore Orioles v. Cleveland Indians

William Jordan William Jordan , 5/14/2014
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The Jordan Insurance Group, MD, Baltimore OriolesMajor League Baseball season is among us again and the Baltimore Orioles have already taken the field. One of the most important matches in Baltimore baseball each summer sees the Orioles take on the Cleveland Indians. During the 2014 season, the Orioles will play the Indians at home on three upcoming dates. The Baltimore Orioles will play the Cleveland Indians on Thursday, May 22nd, Friday, May 23rd and Saturday, May 24th. The first two games will begin at 7:05 PM Eastern Standard Time, though the time of the final Saturday game is still officially "to be determined." The match up of the Cleveland Indians and the Baltimore Orioles is notable because, statistically, the two teams are essentially neck and neck in Major League Baseball. These three dates should make for particularly interesting games, as no team significantly outmatches the other. Tickets to games can be purchased on the official Baltimore Orioles website, as well as in person at Camden Yards on the day of the game. Games will be held rain or shine, barring any significant weather that may affect the proceedings. The Baltimore Orioles and the Cleveland Indians are directly related in a number of interesting ways that go beyond the frequency at which they meet up on the field. Jacobs Field, the Cleveland Indians home baseball stadium that was first opened in 1994, was modeled heavily after Baltimore's own Camden Yards. As a result, fans of both teams who have been to games in both locations will feel a definite sense of familiarity while watching their favorite teams. Another way that the two teams are related has to do with the way the Cleveland Indians have been depicted on the big screen. In the film "Major League 2," construction of Jacobs Field had not yet been completed so it was unavailable to be used for filming. As a result, Charlie Sheen, Tom Berenger and the other actors portraying the Tribe in the film had to do so in Camden Yards in Baltimore, which was used to double Jacobs Field for the film. The first "Major League" film was completed on location in Cleveland. Content provided by Transformer Marketing.